The Grail Wound: Rape, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Violation

This is an online healing Ceremony and energy transmission, held in your own private space,

supported by Angie Twydall, to bring the balm of love to this primal Womb wounding. We cannot thrive as a species when our sexuality is not held in the highest safety and honor.


This healing journey is for those who have personally experienced rape or sexual abuse, for those who know or feel it has been part of their Ancestral lineage or past life experience, for those who have no memories but hold a uneasy feeling of violation, and for those who wish to help heal this for the collective and stand in support.


Thousands of years of sexual abuse of women, men, and children has epigentically modified our experience of life and sacred sexuality with emotions of fear, terror, unworthiness, betrayal and primal grief.


Now is the time to bring this Grail Wound into the healing embrace of forgiveness. To allow all the feelings of shame, hatred, guilt and terror to be given a Voice and then to bring these emotions into the Great Mother’s Holy Womb of Compassion to be dissolved. The Womb knows the way to heal.

In the US alone there is a rape every 2 minutes, worldwide the numbers are staggering. We cannot look the other way. Together we can begin to heal this collective Grail Wound, so we can begin to birth a New Earth of safety and love.


Fountains of Life’s Seren Bertrand wrote ‘No Safe Place’ (published by Penguin books) about Emily Christie’s horrific story of childhood abuse – described by a Scottish judge as the worst case he had ever encountered. By embracing a deep healing process, Emily transformed her life and moved beyond the trauma and reclaimed her life:

“Although I mentally knew the truth and details of my abuse, which replayed over and over in my head, I still had a deep sense of denial and detachment. I could speak about what happened without feeling anything, I had detached from the experience – as if it hadn’t really happened to me, but to someone else.

Being able to get all my thoughts, feelings and experiences onto paper in black and white made me realise that I needed to come out of denial. When I read through all the horror I suddenly connected back to the little girl that was lost and hurt. I deeply felt it was me – not someone else, separate from me. I accepted that I did go through all that pain, and contacted the part of me that had been lost, and frozen in fear. I held my inner little girl, acknowledging her at last.” Emily Christie, 2012


Take a moment, place your hands on your Womb, breathe into the velvet darkness, and ask if this is a healing that is calling to you and you are ready for.

The Grail Wound imprint…

  • Low self-esteem, sense of unworthiness, self sabotage or self-harming

  • Eating disorders, weight gain or loss, body dysmorphia, orthorexia

  • Abusive or destructive relationships or lack of intimate relationships

  • Sexual shutdown or sexually harmful desires

  • Deep feelings of terror, overwhelm and unsafety

  • Feeling that Earth is not safe and you don’t ‘belong here’

  • Addictive behaviours and patterns – food, alcohol, drugs etc

  • Disconnection from your magnetic Femininity

  • Disconnection from your Wild Innocent sexuality

  • Difficulty in opening into deep orgasmic experiences

  • Lack of trust in the Masculine (or Feminine if that was your abuser)


You will participate in a live guided Ceremony delivered via zoom by Angie, in your own safe, sacred space – journeying through the 4 Womb Elements before being held in the Holy Womb for a long distance healing energy transmission to bring love and forgiveness.

Womb Earth: To release abandonment, aloneness, separation and fear. To invite feelings of safety, abundance and being held and supported by life.

Womb Fire: To release hidden anger and rage. To invite a renewal of sacred sexuality, to allow your sexual energy to ignite again with purity and passion.

Womb Air: To have the courage to speak your truth, to release powerlessness and despair. To invite clarity, to connect with Spirit world guides and support.

Womb Water: To release betrayal, grief, shame and unworthiness. To invite forgiveness, self-love and nurturing, to trust in the sacred flow of life again.

Cosmic Womb: Receiving Black Light/Love from the Womb of Creation, the Holy Womb of the Divine Mother.

All registrations will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Delivered online, via live zoom call. Email 



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