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Reconnecting to Your Energetic Womb Space

When a woman no longer has her physical womb, her energetic Womb space still remains, untouched and primordially pure – take this journey to reactivate your energetic Womb wisdom.

This is a Shamanic Journey to thank and release the Womb, with respect, gratitude and honor. It is a Sacred Ceremony to grieve the loss of this most precious Feminine space, and to open and awaken the energetic Womb.

The experience of hysterectomy is not treated as a sacred journey by our current medical paradigm, which does not honor or understand the Womb. All transitions, when properly honored and grieved, can be experienced as healing.

The word ‘hysterectomy’ comes from the Greek word ‘hystera’ – which means Womb, and is the root of ‘hysteria’. A ‘hysterical woman’ is a Womb woman, expressing her voice. Feelings of grief and loss are fully embraced in this journey.

This shamanic journey speaks to the Unconscious, where the trauma of surgery resides. The Unconscious does not operate in linear time, so this alternative, conscious and loving experience of removing the physical Womb will replace the memory and trauma of the earlier surgery. It can ‘rewrite’ history, go back in time and change the felt experience of hysterectomy. This activates energetic and genetic healing, through epigenetics, to clear and awaken the feminine lineage.

This online distance energy transmission and live audio-guided Ceremony is for women who have experienced hysterectomy, or if there has been an Ancestral hysterectomy in your feminine lineage, which still needs healing and honoring.

  • Give gratitude to the Womb for all she has provided and created.

  • Give gratitude for the new life created, if she was lost after childbirth

  • Give gratitude to Ancestral Wombs, who birthed your lineage

  • Experience psychic surgery in deep love to gently remove the Womb

  • Witness this surgery if you are being present for Ancestral Wombs

  • Be present for a sacred funeral rite and burial of the Womb in Mother Earth

  • Grieve deeply for this loss of your Womb, or of Ancestral Wombs

  • Witness and feel your Womb, or Ancestral Womb merge into Gaia’s Womb

  • Receive a blessing from Divine Mother and feel her embrace of love

  • Awaken your energetic Womb Space and infuse it with creative power



Delivered online, via live zoom call. Email 



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