Awakening the Grail Light

There is a huge wave of Feminine Christ consciousness flooding the planet at this time – which is beyond religion and beyond any boundaries of belief, culture or gender. She is calling.

Womb Awakening is the foundational throne of the Feminine Christ – the Womb is the Holy Grail, the Sacred Chalice that holds the secrets of life. Her regenerating Grail Light radiates through both men and women, and heralds a time of Union.

Men also have a spiritual Womb space, also known as the Hara – throne of their own powerful and pure Masculine Grail Light, as embodied by Yeshua.

Offered on Magdalene’s Feast Day July, 22nd, (or a sacred date of your choice) you will experience a healing Ceremonial journey to open the ‘Magic Doorway’ to meet The Feminine Christ – and awaken the inner Grail Light with an energetic transmission.

What is this redeeming Grail Light that so many mysteries have alluded to? Who is this Feminine Christ who is touching so many Souls at this time? We must love this question and journey with it as we birth the answers together. Every woman and man on this Path of Love is weaving with the rays of this Feminine Christ light, bringing wholeness back to the inner and outer wastelands, as prophesized – redeeming from within. Some call it Mary Magdalene, but those who know sense she is more of a ‘Way’ than just a woman.

When we awaken this Feminine Christ within, we begin to embody the frequency of New Earth – entering the enchanted, innocent, wild and sacred heart of Love.

The Feminine Christ is a healing balm when…

  • You feel heavy, stuck, despairing and isolated

  • You feel disconnected from the Web of Life

  • You have lost your primal connection to your Creator

  • Your relationships feel tired and lack passion

  • You have lost faith in true love and intimacy

  • You find no joy in the sensuality of being alive

  • You are trapped in mental concepts of judgement

The Feminine Christ will help to…

  • Bring beauty, abundance, bounty and safety

  • Attune you to the natural benevolence of Life

  • Enliven your sense of passion and sacred sensuality

  • Birth joy, play, fun and laughter into your life

  • Celebrate the sanctity of innocent Sexual Union

  • Release you from patriarchal ideas of lower/higher

  • Give direct communion with Divine Mother Father.

Meeting the Feminine Christ A sharing from my teacher…

As the fire glimmers, the night sets in and the stars rise, we will share a thread of our story, of how She called us to her side to help rebirth the Holy Grail.

‘Aged thirteen I was drawn in to a Catholic bookstore where I discovered a small book on a Saint who was unknown to me; her name was Mary Magdalene.

From a non-religious background, I felt compelled to have this book. As I took it from the bookshop, the sharp edges of the paper cut my skin, and a crimson rivulet of blood ran down my finger and diffused out onto the crisp white paper.

For three days I entered a rapturous internal state where I received a vision from this Sacred Prostitute ‘Mary Magdalene’ – where I was shown that embracing our Sacred Feminine Wounds would lead us back to sexual and spiritual wholeness.

Soon after this I began creating paintings of women with lights illuminating out from their Wombs, or women with huge red Womb spaces, with the Eye of Whorus staring out, symbolizing the Cervix as the gateway between worlds. I would also paint beautiful trees with a Womb in the centre; sometimes this Tree of Life contained a baby, sometimes it was just red or a glowing portal of light.

I felt drawn to the Grail legends, but the magic they infused in me was barely palpable in the cold confines of traditional, patriarchal churches or the story of celibate man-god tortured to death to redeem my original sin as a woman.

By 1994, I found myself gripped by a new, unfolding meme – The Feminine Christ, a redeemer with aFeminine face, and I threw myself into research on this subject for my dissertation paper. I discovered that this story of the Feminine Christ was subtly coded in the poetry and art of the Pre-Raphaelites, as troubadors for a new era.

Many years later I found myself on a solitary pilgrimage to St Baume, the cave-grotto associated with Mary Magdalene and also Diana of the Moon. In this magical place I received an inspirational message to write about The Feminine Christ, and soon after the story was accepted by a literary agent, who shivered with goose bumps on a hot day as she accepted the Mary Magdalene pendant I offered.

I soon discovered I would not only have to write this book, I would have to live it. And as I peered through the windows of cathedrals in my research, my viewpoint kept alighting instead on the moonlit grottos of the Great Mother – and there I saw Yeshua and Magdalene together; flowing within a pure stream of Love consciousness, merging into Sacred Union and back to the Great Womb of God.

This journey unpicked all my beliefs and reworked them into a patchwork quilt of love, where the Grail Light shone through all sacred texts and personal experiences. Where the Feminine Christ could not be reduced to any box; neither male or female, pagan or christian, sacred or profane, higher or lower, dark or light, good or bad.

She is more than just a consort, more than just a wife, more than just a Bride. Her redeeming force is the Spark of Life held within all living things, which has been almost extinguished and hidden by many veils over the last cycle. Now the veils are falling away, and the Grail Light is shining forth again.This is the Apocalypse; the great unveiling, as we redeem the light of love within our Souls.’

The translation of the titular name Magdalene means The Great Weaver or Magical Doorway – the sacred portal, the bridge between the worlds.

We invite both men and woman to take a moonlit walk along the long-forgotten labyrinths of your own Feminine Soul. Are you ready to step across the edge?

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

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